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Global Energy Efficiency, Market Size and Growth
The lighting industry is a major source of power consumption for both residential and commercial users. The industrial consumers usually account for over-consumption and wastage of energy by prolonging the use of less efficient and obsolete lighting systems.

Energy efficient lighting systems have recently emerged as a viable option to the traditional Incandescent lamps. These energy efficient lamps lack global acceptance due to the various reasons associated with its pricing and functionality. Currently, the initial cost of these lamps is higher than conventional lamps by three to ten times per unit. Gradual improvement in these areas has led to a better acceptance of these lamps. The prolonged lifetime of energy efficient lamps decreases the life time cost and hence increased considerable savings.

The global markets for energy efficient lighting have increased in recent years. This is due to the enforcements imposed by the depleting energy reserves that fuel electricity generation.

The cost savings of the energy efficient options have invited major funding from government organizations as well as industry majors. The present market scenario is driven by rising demand in the developing countries mainly from the Asia-Pacific region.
This latest Energy Efficiency market data and analysis was taken from the research report "Global Energy Efficient Lighting Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015published by Global Markets Direct - for more information on this report, Click Here

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