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Global Green Energy, Market Size and Growth
Biopower is one of the widely used renewable sources of energy. It has huge potential in almost all the regions of the world. Over the years, it has seen considerable growth in installed capacity increasing from 30,815 MW by the end of 2001 to 49,705 MW by the end of 2007.

The Biopower installed capacity has grown at a rate of 8.3% between 2001 and 2007 with capacity increasing by about 19 GW. Further, the worldwide biopower sector is expected to increase by another 21GW in the next 5 years to reach the cumulative installed capacity of 71,453 MW by 2012.

The growth in the worldwide biopower power market at present is particularly driven by the high biopower installed capacity in the US, Brazil and Germany. However, by the year 2012, Spain and India are expected to surpass the leading nations in terms of annual installed capcity. Spain is expected to add 8 GW and India to add 4 GW annually by the year 2012, thus becoming the fastest growing biopower nations in the world.

The total installed capacity in Germany has grown from 1,335 MW in 2001 to 5,544 MW in 2007, growing at a CAGR of 31% during the period 2001-07. Considering the huge growth prospects, Germany is expected to surpass the leading biopower power nation, the US, in terms of total biopower capacity by the year 2012.
This latest Green Energy market data and analysis was taken from the research report "Global Biopower Energy Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2012published by Global Markets Direct - for more information on this report, Click Here

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