Airborne Support Forms Joint Venture With Fototerra Aerial

Published: Dec 04 2017
Deal Summary

Airborne Support Inc., an aerospace and aviation services company primarily serving oil and gas industry, formed a joint venture with Fototerra Aerial Survey LLC, an aerospace and services company primarily serving oil and gas industry, to provide integrated airborne oil spill response services in Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas operators.

The services include aerial remote sensing, aerial dispersant application supported by remote sensing information, and geographic information system (GIS) services. The joint venture will sell its services through Airborne Support with initial focus in the Gulf of Mexico.

The transaction enables Airborne Support and Fototerra to strengthen its service solutions.

Brad Barker, president and CEO of Airborne Support, said, "This agreement represents each organization's strong commitment to provide customers with a single source for the best in oil spill response. This joint venture expands the ASI offering into a total service solution. When unique remote sensing capabilities are combined with the ASI reputation and credibility for excellence in dispersant application, you have a situation that can't be matched in aerial services for oil spill response."

Guilherme Pinho, president and CEO of Fototerra Aerial, said, "Intelligence on the scene is essential during an oil spill response. It allows the responders to understand the environment, to decide the best strategies and tactics and to control the outcomes. This systems approach offers a single source from the early detection to the application of mitigation measures. Seamless integration of all elements means maximum customer value and assures our customers a reliable service and the highest level of expectation."

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