Whitebark Energy: Xanadu And Canadian Well Progress - Drilling Ahead

Announced Date :  Sep 12, 2017

Producer and explorer Whitebark Energy Ltd (Whitebark Energy) has spud two wells and undertook a recompletion over the last seven days.
160mmbbls Xanadu 1 Exploration Well – Perth Basin (15% WBE WI) It is anticipated that the primary and secondary targets will be intersected later this week.

Operator Norwest Energy NL ('Norwest'), has advised that as at 6.00 am today the current operations on the Xanadu-1 conventional oil exploration well include preparing to pick up the 216 mm drilling assembly prior to drilling ahead. Since the Xanadu-1 well spudded on 4th September 2017 at 3:00pm AWST, the 311 mm hole section has been successfully drilled from the surface conductor at 66 mMD to the current well depth of 975 mMD. Following running the 244 mm casing to 971 mMD and cementing in place to surface, the blow out preventers were installed and successfully pressure tested.

Drilling operations have proceeded as planned and the sub-surface geology has been in line with pre-drill expectations. The programmed well total depth is approximately 1863 mMDRT.

Canadian Operations (20% WBE, 80% PLX)


The 9-18 Sparky well was spud on the 8th September and is currently at 1608 mMD. The total measured depth will be approximately 2700 mMD which includes a 1000 m horizontal leg. The well is expected to take 8-10 days to drill. The well has been drilled off an existing pad containing our 11-18 well. The construction of a new pipeline will connect the existing 11- 18 well and the new 9-18 Sparky well to the nearby gathering system.

The total AFE (100%) to drill the well is $CDN1.2m with an additional cost of $CDN500,000 for surface facilities and pipeline.

Nordegg Recompletion

Over the last seven days equipment was mobilised to the suspended Nordegg 5-31 well. Work included adding perforations and acidizing the section of the horizontal well in the Nordegg Zone in order to increase production. The perforations were placed in the upper sections of the formation to minimise water production. A new PC pump has also been installed to improve the pumping characteristics in order to increase production. The AFE (100%) for all the work was $CDN271,000. “It is exciting times for Whitebark with multiple wells being drilled on two continents and most importantly demonstrating our ability to deliver against publicised timelines” Whitebark Energy Managing Director David Messina said.

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