KiWi Power wins National Grid contract to build 4MW behind the meter battery

Announced Date :  Oct 11, 2017

KiWi Power, a leader in smart energy management services in the UK, has won a National Grid contract to build a pioneering behind-the-meter battery, the first of its kind in the UK.
The lithium-ion 4MW battery has been developed and financed by KiWi Power and will be located at Cenin Renewables, a 20-acre renewable energies site at Parc Stormy in Bridgend, South Wales. It will sit within Cenin’s cluster of integrated clean technologies which includes a low carbon cement facility, 3,000 PV solar panels, an anaerobic digestion plant and a wind turbine.

The battery should be up and running by March 2018 with the launch a significant milestone for KiWi Power as well as in the application of smart battery technology in the UK.

Smart battery technology aims to improve the efficiency of the supply and consumption of electricity particularly during times of peak demand. It allows large power users to harness energy storage with no upfront investment or risk, helping them to reduce bills and carbon footprint.

KiWi Power has also successfully managed Northern Power grid’s 2.5MW battery facility at Rise Carr substation, Darlington, as well as UKPN’s 6MW Leighton Buzzard battery.

The company will manage the battery at Parc Stormy and has begun an extensive roll-out of similar behind-the-meter batteries across the UK within the commercial and industrial sectors.

KiWi has already established a significant presence in the UK as a leading Demand Side Response (DSR) aggregator with over 300MW of assets under management, enabling large-scale users to optimise their consumption patterns and achieve significant reductions in their energy costs.

The company has invested heavily in battery technology which will augment its existing DSR capability and significantly improve customers’ energy management in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Martyn Popham Director of Cenin said:

“We are pleased KiWi chose to invest at our Parc Stormy site in Bridgend which is another important step in our goal to demonstrate that by integrating renewable generation on one site you can deliver a reliable sustainable power source whilst providing much needed local economic development.”

Yoav Zingher, CEO of KiWi Power said:

“KiWi Power is delighted to bring the benefits of battery technology to high energy users without them having to invest in the battery. This is a major first not just for us at KiWi but for the UK energy sector as a whole. We are able to offer similar fully financed batteries so companies can optimise their energy usage, go green and earn money.”

“The UK is slowly waking up to the potential of flexibility and battery energy storage’s role in that. By applying Demand Side Response (DSR) techniques widely used elsewhere in the world, the UK could save nearly 10 GW of demand – roughly equivalent to three Hinkley Point C nuclear power stations.”

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