No.2 Cooling Tower Floor Concrete Pouring Completed in Oman Sohar Project: Sepco

Announced Date :  Jun 18, 2017

At 8:30 on June 12th, 2017, after 15 hours of continuous work, the concrete pouring of the base plate of #2 cooling tower fore bay was completed, totally pouring 1260 cubic meters. Until now, the whole concrete foundation of #2 cooling tower base plate was completed.
The concrete foundation pouring of #2 cooling tower base plate is divided into 5 times, and the first four times of pouring are 2404 cubic meters in total. As the largest concrete base in plant, the fore bay is a slope, which increased the construction difficulty. For the potential difficulties and risks, the project departments made prevention measures in advance. The project departments adopted the plan of small-area divided pouring, vibrating main area and concrete collapsibility optimization. The project also arranged special person on duty to supervise agitation station to ensure the arriving time and quality of concrete.

Up to now, the installation of the first three parts FRP structure of #2 cooling tower was completed. The fourth part is being installed right now.

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