Energoatom Announces January - August 2009 Production Updates

Announced Date :  Sep 10, 2009

Energoatom Concern OJSC (Energoatom) has generated 104 billion kWh from its nuclear power plants in January - August 2009 and fully met the demand of their consumers. The nuclear power plants with water-water energetic reactor (WWER) reactors have produced 55.054 billion kWh, the nuclear power plants with reactor RBMK, BN and EGP reactors have produced 49.7 billion kWh. The capacity factor made up 77%.
In January - August 2009, the Russian nuclear power plants operated safely and efficiently with no single above 0 INES event registered during the period.

The 10 nuclear power plants of Russia operate 31 reactors with a total capacity of 23,242 megawatt (MW): 15 WWER reactors (nine WWER-1000, six WWER-440), 15 RBMK reactors (11 RBMK-1000 and four EGP-6), one fast-breeder reactor. The Russian nuclear power plants produce 16% of total energy in Russia.

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