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Global Power Generation Equipment, Market Size and Growth
Solar PV is the world’s fastest growing energy source. From 1.3 GW in the year 2001, the global solar PV installed capacity reached to 15.2 GW by 2008, growing at a CAGR of 42.6%. The stupendous growth observed by the global Solar PV market has been affected by the perilous financial crisis. The impact of the financial crisis will be witnessed in the year 2009 with the dip in the annual solar PV installations of most of the countries engaged in the Solar PV electricity generation.

The global financial crisis has definitely left a void in the world of renewable energy financing and solar PV sector is no exception. The current situation of the financial market signals a near halt in debt financing for large-scale solar power parks and this is likely to last until the end of year 2009. With the credit crunch in the market, smaller companies with weak cash flows are expected to be the most affected.

This scenario would give an opportunity to the big giants in the solar industry to takeover the smaller companies, thereby leading to consolidation of the solar industry. The consolidation would give the big solar companies total control over the solar market. The optimistic view of consolidation is that it would end the current fragmentation and facilitate the emergence of industry mammoths, with the ability to deliver massive economies of scale in the Solar PV industry.
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"Global Solar Photovoltaic Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2020
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published by Global Markets Direct - for more information on this report,
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