Sunpreme launches its powerful next generation Maxima HxB series modules with the BiFacial 400W, 1500V product aimed at demanding Commercial & Industrial (C&I) applications

Announced Date :  Sep 12, 2017

Sunpreme, a US based solar Company providing innovative high-performance, high-yield Bifacial double glass PV modules at competitive prices, announced that it has commercially released its HCT-platform based Maxima HxB-400 product.
This product incorporates an aesthetically pleasing half-cell design with an anodized frame around the double glass construction. When combined with an optimizer, these modules can be integrated into 30% longer strings, a desirable benefit for space-constrained C&I applications.

This product has a high-power rating of 400W STC, 440W with 10% backside Bifacial boost, a benchmark low thermal coefficient of -0.26%/C and a voltage rating of 1500V. The module efficiency is specified at 19% STC, or 20.9% with 10% backside boost.

Ashok Sinha, the Chairman and CEO of Sunpreme stated, "The HxB 400 Bifacial double glass product positions Sunpreme well to satisfy C&I market's unmet needs and widens the performance gap against mainstream p-PERC; by providing a world class 400W STC rating, up to 2300/yr Energy yield, at a cost competitive with China modules. We estimate that Sunpreme's advanced products increase customers' solar system level profitability by ~10%, in a sustainable manner – thanks to our innovation-driven cost roadmap."

Richard Perkins, Director of Engineering who was responsible for design and development of the new module, in collaboration with Ratson Morad, previously the COO of Sunpreme said, "Several new design features were introduced to unlock the high performance, superior aesthetics and aggressive cost targets of the HxB product line. These include a new half-cell architecture to reduce internal losses and increase module power, a split J-box to reduce cable loss, with an option for integrated Smart optimizer, polyolefin encapsulant to enhance Sunpreme's already world-class reliability, and an anodized aluminum frame for ease of installation."

Surinder Bedi, EVP for Quality, Reliability and Systems Products added, "We put the HxB-400 through an extensive reliability and safety certification process. This product carries a 30-yr, 0.5% per year linear power warrantee. It has benefited from a rigorous "should-cost" implementation of critical materials procurement process to ensure a competitive cost of the manufactured product and we expect to book several MW for delivery by year-end 2017."

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