GS Yuasa Launches Wall-mounted 10 kVA Power Conditioner Single-phase LINE BACK αIV

Announced Date :  Dec 07, 2017

GS Yuasa Corporation announced that it launched a wall-mounted 10 kVA power conditioner Single-phase LINE BACK αIV (format: LBSJ-10-S3C) that is best suited for medium-sized photovoltaic power generation facilities.
Similar to the Three-phase LINE BACK αIV launched in October 2016, the Single-phase LINE BACK αIV was developed as a power conditioner that can cater to the various requirements of customers such as high conversion efficiency and strong durability. It uses full SiC-FET for the main circuit conversion element and achieved conversion efficiency of 96.0%, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 97.5%, which is the best in the industry. It adopted a body cooling technology that uses aluminum die-casting for the casing, which eliminated the need for a cooling fan, enabling the product to be installed in areas where it could be susceptible to damages caused by salt. Further, the product also has an in-built independent operation output circuit that effectively utilizes the power generated by solar cell even during power outage.

GS Yuasa will continue to contribute to the expansion of renewable energy through manufacture and sales of high-quality power conditioners for power system interconnection.

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