Fastned Grows 111% in Third Quarter

Announced Date :  Oct 12, 2017

Compared to the same quarter last year, our volume, revenue and number of customers have strongly increased in Q3 2017, despite the fact that car manufacturers were unable to meet the sharp growth in customer demand:
Volume: 245,030 kWh (+113% compared to Q3 2016)

Revenues: € 118,024 (+111% compared to Q3 2016)

Active customers: 4,786  (+88% compared to Q3 2016)


EV drivers can now use virtually all charge cards in the Netherlands to charge at Fastned

Fastned has invested in grid connections in the Netherlands and Germany

The teams in Germany and the UK have been expanded in anticipation of the roll out of Fastned stations in both countries

The German government contributes EUR 4.1 million to build 25 fast charging stations in Germany

Fastned won a case before a Dutch court, opening the way to allow shops at our stations. This would results in a much better customer experience, including coffee and toilets. Unfortunately the Dutch government has appealed the court ruling.

At the moment about 18,000 fully electric vehicles drive around in the Netherlands, approximately 50% more than a year ago. The increase could have been larger. Popular EVs like the Hyundai Ioniq and the Opel Ampera-E are currently supply constrained, resulting in waiting times of up to a year. We expect the supply to increase in the months to come, as well as new car models such as the Nissan Leaf 2 coming to market, allowing for a faster growth of EV sales.

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